Failing NSA-2401

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Failing NSA-2401

Post by meridian30 » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:59 pm

I have an NSA 2401 which seems to be dying. It won't hold on to a RAID array, after a day or two (at most) the red light comes on and it has to start rebuilding the array.

Fortunately I have another identical one, and I've swapped drives between the two, and the error doesn't follow the drives, so I assume it's not the drives.

I'm on the most recent firmware, although I have tried downgrading to an older version - didn't help.

Is it possible to get replacement main boards? Does anyone have a broken 2401 which might provide a spare part?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get this running again, please?

Many thanks


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Re: Failing NSA-2401

Post by jonshaw » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:13 pm

We have installed several NSA2401a units over the years and have had lots problems when network traffic is high they tend to crash.
We have just had one fail today, a reboot usually brings it back but after 8 reboots it still has a red sys light. I notice that you have swapped the drives to another unit. Does this work by simply swapping or do you need to restore the firmware from the broken unit? Basically I am not sure whether the raid config is stored in the firmware or on the drives. I may have a spare unit if I can successfully swap the drives.

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