LaCinema Wifi failing

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LaCinema Wifi failing

Post by jqdoumen » Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:39 pm

Didn't find a LaCinema section, so I'm trying on this one ...

Got a LaCinema Mini, and struggling with Wifi. Got three wireless networks at home, and either he doesn't see them, or when trying to connect, I get a very interesting 'cannot connect' message on the TV screen. Device has been to LaCie, where apparently it is perfectly working normal. Bizarre, at my home all my other wireless device connect perfectly well, except the LaCinema.

Been begging LaCie to get more debug information from the device, so we can at least trace the root cause in a professional way. Only comment back ... 'not possible'.

So, my quest now is to find out if I can't hack the thing and at least get to better debugging information.

Anybody any experience or pointers to better forums?

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