Newbie questions

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Newbie questions

Post by reddwarfcrew » Sat May 17, 2008 11:24 am

Hi, I've just got the Lacie 1TB mini NAS and have some questions:

I have set up 3 shares called:


the local is to be my smb server, ftp ftp server and http http server so properties have been set accordingly.

i have set up port forwarding on my router so port 21 goes to my internal IP address of the LACIE for FTP and port 80 for http.

I have also set up a user account which i want so that i have to log into the ftp server, but i dont want to have to log into the http server so have enabled guest account on this share.


I can only access the ftp server if i tick enable guest account, if i dont have it ticked then it just says access denied and doesn't ask my to log in (the address i got to is: ftp://my router ipaddress/ftp).

Conversely with the http server, if i go to http://my router ip address/http/index.htm, then i get file not found and the only way i can get to the htm file is my going direct to http://my router ip address/ and then clicking on http buttonm on the Lacie page and then it asks me to log in with my Lacie admin logon and password.

So..... can anyone point me in the right direction please? I've searched the net, but cant seem to find anything useful.

Cheers guys, thanks for any help.


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Re: Newbie questions

Post by sadiekiller » Fri May 23, 2008 8:11 am

So I *think* i understand what you want to do.

you want the local share to work as normal and only be useable withing your own network

you want the http share to be open to everyone and their dog and be visible on the entire internet

you want the ftp share to be identical to http except that only you can use it.

the http share does not work like a normal http server (apache) does. the NAS simply shows what is in the share via the browser, so you couldn't throw a random html file in there and expect it to work like it was on a real web server. for this reason you HAVE to go through the main load menu of hte NAS (where it shows the shares) and click http. I'm not 100% sure about this, but guest account doesnt mean it lets anyone in. what it means is that you type 'guest' as the user and 'guest' as the password (at least i would think so, it might be 'anonymous' and no pass)

so when you say you want to go to http://<sever-addy>/http/index.htm you are trying to *serve* a webpage
(also i dont know about the new ED mini's, but mine dont even do a real html file ever, it just builds the page from bash code...somehow)

as for you ftp... you need to look up how you do ftp in a browser. you type it in like so "ftp://<username>@<server-addy>" this SHOULD bring up a prompt for your password. Usually FTP servers, if they dont have guest ('anonymous' user and blank pass) accounts, ask you for a user and pass, but the ED Mini might not be that smart. (i know my super old version of it acts like this but i thought they would fix it)

i hope i answered everything / understood what you wanted.

also as a side note you are in the wrong forum really. you should be in the v2 forum. this forum is for the old ED Mini's which had only 500GB max in them.

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Re: Newbie questions

Post by taurus3 » Tue May 19, 2009 4:59 am

:roll: try to give default admin password

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