Transmission-daemon crashing [solved=success story]

Ethernet disk mini v2
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Transmission-daemon crashing [solved=success story]

Post by mjacek » Wed May 19, 2010 10:54 am

Abstract: I have a working transmission-daemon binary. Read more if you are interested.

The transmisssion-daemon from the GenLink distribution files indicated in the ... -edmini-v2 is broken. Truth is that ALL versions of transmission package since that version until 1.92 were broken on ARM architecture - they crashed with segfault for 90% of the torrents, and also on resume with such torrent after reboot.

I couldn't find suitable transmission 1.93 binary. I tried many, up to Debian one, and after installing all the dependency libraries, I finally got "Fatal: kernel too old" (it was glibc .....) and EDmini was almost dead.

Full firmware reset was necesary (I mean the magic with the power button, as indicated on LaCie page ... deid=10627- it cleaned the configuration and all official updates, and shares configuration too - also my tinkering patches made from telnet on running system, some things done to the original root partition from disassembled system were left!; after recreating configuration, my share data files were untouched). They are using "unionfs" approach, so the reset just clears unionfs overlay. The hint is: don't mess too much with your disk disassembled and connected directly to a computer. When you do things from telnet, or ssh, it is very hard to destroy system irreversibly - the factory firmware base is a readonly partition. (Well, dd of=/dev/sda is never safe....).

Finally, I decided to compile transmission binary. Some hacking was needed:

- I had to find devel sources for curl, openssl, etc. Hopefully, my debian-lenny uses similar versions as are in the Genlink...

- I downoladed "codesourcery" crosscompilation pack from some forum (can't recall which one)

- Of course the lib sources did not crosscompile - I had to hack config scripts and then modify makefiles for it to go smoothly

- I ignored build errors for everything which is not transmission-daemon (e.g. tests - I hope the reassembled torent files are OK).

Finally, I have a working setup - after downolading ubuntu istallation CD and some other torrents, I may say that it is 95% tested :-).

If there is some further interest just tell me - I'll upload the binary here or mail it to the requester.

Send request to: (jmisiure(&)aster'pl)

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