Replacing drive for a larger one

Ethernet disk mini v2
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Replacing drive for a larger one

Post by PipC » Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:59 am


I tried replacing the 250GB drive that came with my EDmini v2 with a 500GB one that I had in, but with no joy and was wondering if it is possible to replace the drive at all?

I gather (think!)now what I should do is to copy the System partitions from the drive I'm replacing to its replacement using Linux (I'm going to try and use Ubuntu).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Replacing drive for a larger one

Post by rosbif » Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:28 am

This should be pretty easy, especially as you seem to have a working disk.
The easiest solution is just to clone the partitions of your existing disk using Ubuntu.
Unless you have a good reason to increase their size, create each of the system partitions with the same size as (or marginally larger than) those on your existing disk.
I have indicated the approximate sizes below for information but do not pay too much attention to these.

DANGEROUS: in the following make doubly sure you are creating partitions on the correct disk ;-)
On the new disk using fdisk or one of its variants:
  • Create partition 1 of type Extended (5) (about 1GB)
    Create partition 2 of type Linux (83) (rest of disk)
    Then inside partition 1:
    • Create partition 5 of type Linux swap (82) (about 128 MB)
      Create partition 6 of type Linux (83) (about 8 MB)
      Create partition 7 of type Linux (83) (about 8 MB)
      Create partition 8 of type Linux (83) (about 128 MB)
      Create partition 9 of type Linux (83) (rest of extended partition: about 752 MB)
DANGEROUS: in the following make triply sure you are copying to the correct disk ;-)
Then you can use dd or even cp to copy the raw partitions 6 to 9 from disk to disk.
e.g. "sudo cp /dev/sdX6 /dev/sdY6" etc.
where you replace X and Y with the correct drive letters (a, b, c, ...).
While you're at it you might as well copy partition 5 as well; otherwise just do a mkswap on it.
Remark: if you can't fit both disks at the same time you could do the copy in two parts via an intermediate file on a third drive or USB stick: first partition to file then file to partition.

Partition 2 is a bit more problematic as AIUI LaCie use xfs and I am not familiar with xfs.
If you want to clone the contents you could possibly just copy the raw partition.
However I am not sure whether you can subsequently expand it easily to fill the new (and larger) partition; this would be a shame as this was your reason for changing disks in the first place ;-)
Otherwise just format the partition as xfs and copy over the files you need or use "tar".
Possibly someone else could help you more on this bit.

See also this EBD topic: ... &sk=t&sd=a

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Re: Replacing drive for a larger one

Post by PipC » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:36 am


Thank you for the reply and the help.

I'm a bit of a Linux newbie :oops: but am willing to redeem myself by trying! I have dabbled with Puppy, Ubuntu & Xandros since I got myself an eeePC.

I also tried cloning the system partitions with Acronis Drive Image v11 and recreated the user partition in Acronis Disk Manager v10.

I was able to log into the NAS this time, but unfortunatly no disk was showing (if I remember right 'nbsp' was showing under the 'Disk' menu)

I believe this is something to do with it being XFS snd me obviously not creating the partition properly ?

I also tried clonng the partition in Disk Manager with the hope that I'd be able to resize the user (Share) partition to use the rest of the disk, but it wouldn't play ball.

I don't know, there's me hoping that it'd be a case of swapping the new drive into the NAS and letting it do all the work :lol:

Thanks again,


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Re: Replacing drive for a larger one

Post by Kafka » Wed Aug 13, 2008 8:09 pm

To follow up on the same thread, I've been wondering the same thing, replacing with larger disks, for the Lacie 2Big Network Disk.

I own an Ed Mini v2 that recently croaked but still under warranty.
I'm about to buy a 2big to put in RAID mode. I understand that if I modify the disks while in RAID mode, there will be much confusion.
But say that 6 months from now, I can afford backing up all my data, replacing one or two of the drives at once, and recreating my RAID (I'll probably be using RAID 1) with the new sized drives.

I'm wondering how to go about the replacement of the drives, and making the RAID hw/sw recognize them.

Let me know if I should create a thread on the 2Big disk forum. I only did it here to follow up on this thread about replacing larger drives.

Thanks for your help.

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