http access

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http access

Post by lesyl » Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:43 pm

Hi to all,

I have a 2big Network that I'm using to store music and I'd like to share my music with my friends, sending them links to the files or folders. The disk is behind an ADSL modem/router and I opened the port 21and 80.
I tried with ftp links and it works, but my aim is to insert http links on a log or facebook to have the files played with a flash player.
I don't find any way to obtain that kind of link.
So is it possible to do that ? And if not, is there a way to modify the disk in order to do that ?
Thanks in advance


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Re: http access

Post by RaH » Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:08 pm

It sounds like what you want to do is to make the device similar to a stream server, am I right?

You mentioned port 21 (ftp) worked but no mention of port 80 (http) working, my guess port 80 didn't work for passing links, and it will not. Most ISP's block home users from sharing out port 80, the idea is port 80 is used for web traffic http, traffic on that port means you are running a webserver, something they probably host as well, that makes you competition or means you are likely to suck up more bandwidth than your neighbors. Whatever reason they block it for they do.

There are ways around the port 80 block to pass links to your friends or to post them on the web. There are hazards in making your device open to the world.

You mentioned you use an ADSL modem/router, you should be able to configure your router to do what is called DMZ hosting as well as NAT (Network Address Translation), I would use the latter first. Your current LaCie configs are probably fine. I would however make doubley sure that you are using a very long and very secure password as you could open yourself up to brute force attempts. Any network scanner scanning your network for open ports will recognize the device as a LaCie and from there they can foot print how to hack into it. Which if you can brute force the admin pass is very easy to root the box after that.

Your router / modem. On the device depending on the make and model you should have some place to configure some advanced settings, things like DMZ hosting port forwarding or NAT. You would enter in the IP address of the LaCie and basically assign the router to forward all incoming traffic from port 8080 ( very common for hosting websites at home, not blocked by ISP's btw ) to the LaCie on port 80, this should handle pretty much what you want to do. Your end link would be something similar to http://myipaddress:8080/mp3s/Shakira%20 ... 20Wolf.mp3 Of course to stream you wouldn't use the mp3 extension, but for playing in flash or embedding in a webpage you would.

Again I would not suggest using this device for this purpose. Also if you play alot of online games where FPS and ping are a priority, think about the impact of several people hitting your myspace or facebook page simultaneously downloading that song while you are trying to stream netflix or a video of some sort or play a game. It will eat your bandwidth seriously, add a torrent or two on top of that and it's like the good old days of dial up. This chart is for video but will give you an idea of what I am talking about

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