Update problem

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Update problem

Post by maximilianm » Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:51 am


i´m new in this forum. hello again and sorry for my english, i´m from austria

i have a problem with my 2bignetwork2 (3TB). i want to make the update
2Big Network 2 Update Capsule 1.3.6.capsule
via network assistent (version 1.4.5 on mac osx 10.6.6.)
but i still get an ERROR

Your NAS did not correctly reboot in update mode. Legacy support may be in cause. Try disabling IPConf in the preference panel and restarting LaCie Network Assistant before launching the update again.

i try it with an older system (10.4.11), i try to deactivate the airport and i disable IPConf in the preferences.

to make the updtae via browser (FF, SAFARI) is not possible, because i get the message:
Error trying to connect to the server

i´m desperate
please help

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Re: Update problem

Post by PaulRoper » Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:19 am

Personally, I've never seen a network Lacie automatically Update... they ALWAYS error...
And I've seen a Lot o these buggers..!

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Re: Update problem

Post by LacieHasser » Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:16 am

I've just made some Updates on a 2big - w. Internet Explorer 6.0 & old XP-machine!
Maybe it works w. vers. 7, 8 or above, but not w. actual FF or Safari for Win or XP due to javascript-faulty!

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