[?] 2Big Network, partition size

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Re: [?] 2Big Network, partition size

Post by Mijzelf » Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:23 am

Here is information about the serial port of the 2Big2. I expect the 2Big to be equal, as the EdminiV2, Networkspace and Networkspace2 have the same pinning.
i am going to start all over again, i am going to completely null out the HDD, just incase.
While it won't hurt, I don't think it will help you in this step. The bootprocess is (more or less):
1 Powerup.
2 CPU jumps to some address and executes code which is there. That code is the bootloader.
3 The bootloader does some initialisation.
4 The bootloader loads the kernel, somehow, and checks it's checksum.
5 The bootloader passes execution to the kernel.
6 The kernel initializes.
7 The kernel tries to find it's rootfs, and mount it.
8 The kernel executes /init on the rootfs.
9 /init runs some scripts to assemble the raidarray.
10 rootfs is exchange by a new one on some raidarray
11 daemons are started

When something is wrong with the disks, you can expect it to go wrong at 4, 7, 9 or 11. But in your case it (seems to) stalls at 6.

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Re: [?] 2Big Network, partition size

Post by ikke1 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:45 pm

Sorry to reply to such an old thread...
But I've got exactly the same problem as you allenpan!

Did you manage to get yours booting again?

I found my old LACIE 2big network 2 which failed on me years ago.
Hoping I'm able to get it booting up again.

I prepared two disks to put in, and when I try to get it booting up it gets stuck at "done, booting the kernel."

So I was hoping you've found the problem.
Or maybe you put it aside like I did years ago.

Anyway, thought it would be fun to get it working again :)

If you got any info on it. I hope you're willing to share it with me ;)

Best regards,


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