2Big Raid problems

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2Big Raid problems

Post by babx » Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:29 pm

Hallo everybody
I need some help but please be patient as I'm not so experienced with nas :-)
I got a LaCie 2big Network in safe raid (raid 0)
The led of one of the hdd blinks red and the raid status says "clean, degraded,recovering" and the hdd status is exactly this
hard drive 0 active sync
hard drive 1 spare rebuilding

but the rebuilding of the raid never completes
It arrives more or less at half way than it begins again
I figured out one of the hdd was faulty and change it with a new one (same brand and features but not approved by Lacie) but it behaves the same

The firmware is not updated, is 2.0.7rc4 so I was wondering if this could be the problem
Assuming that it is, may I do the upgrade also while the nas is trying to recovering raid? or better remove the "faulty" disk and trying?
Please give me some advice :-)
Thanks in any case

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