Network Space "broken", how would I get my data back?

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Network Space "broken", how would I get my data back?

Post by dysfunction » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:16 pm


I'm having problems with my Network Space 1TB, and from what I've read here,
you guys seems to be the pros. So I thought, this would be the place to put this
question! Hope that's ok!

Well, my problem is, all of a sudden, my network space dissapeared from the
network. I thought a reboot of it would do the trick, but when I manually tried
to shut it down, it never went off. So after a while I pulled the plug.

Next time I started it, it starts normally, but then it starts making really scary
"popping" noise, sounds really bad... So I replaced the power supply, but still
get the same issue :S

I wanted to know if the drive is faulty or not, so I took the drive out from the
enclosure, and connected it to my pc's power supply, which seems to work,
the computer finds the drive and there is no popping sound anymore!

However - I really really need to access files again, and I REALLY REALLY hope
they still are there :S. I suppose this disk is using a file system which windows
XP natively can't read. So my questions are:

1. What is this file system called? NFS?? Or??

2. Is it possible to access the files on this drive, when connected internally (sata) to
my PC? Any programs for XP, etc... Of course I can google this myself, once I get to
find out what file-system this drive has. Just thought if someone has something good to recommend.

3. Since this disk is kind of linux-based, would booting from any linux live-cd work,
with the drive connected internally?? or would I have to mount it manually?
Not sure how to do those things anymore, haven't used linux in a long time.

Usually I would just do "trial and error" until I solve this, but as I'm very concerned
about the data on this drive, I would prefer to play around with it as little as possible

Any kind of guideance would be truly appricated


All the best


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