Serving OGG files to Pinnacle Soundbridge?

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Serving OGG files to Pinnacle Soundbridge?

Post by gtmaskall » Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:02 pm

OK, I have a Pinnacle Soundbridge. It doesn't natively support OGG (boo) but it's stated that it can play them if served by firefly. You can navigate to the NetworkSpace using the Soundbridge and see a list of .ogg files, but if you try to play one you get an error message saying the format isn't supported. So this brings me to the daap server on the NetworkSpace. firefly/daap basically the same thing, yes?

I've logged onto port 3689 using my browser and can see a list of filetypes (.mp3,.wav etc.). Presumably these are the filetypes streamed by the server. OGG isn't included.

I want to believe if .ogg could be added to the list, the server would stream OGG files in a format the Soundbridge could play? After all, it'd basically be a firefly server streaming OGG, which allegedly can then be played on the Soundbridge. But if you just append ',.ogg' to the filetype list in the daap config page, the change isn't kept.

So has anyone managed to get OGG files served like this?

Windows media player can play OGG. I can play OGG files in media player by navigating via Network | NetworkSpace | Openshare | media | music | albumname | (*.ogg). I can't play them if I point media player to the files listed in Network | (the networkspace media server).

Anyone offer some advice or clarification on whether OGG is streamed by the NetworkSpace and now to enable it if not?

Cheers, Guy

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