Clunc - U-boot net console

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Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by belese » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:04 pm

hi, i found a soft,

i'dont know if it compatible with networkspace,;a=summary

as i understand, it broadcast a paquet to the network, and uboot pass in net console and stop,

but, when i try it, lacie start and the boot stop, but i don't receive header u-boot.

I'm running ubuntu in virtualbox, i'm think there is a probleme with network and i can't receive udp packets, i will try with a live cd.

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by belese » Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:13 pm

Yes, it work with a live cd

here's the prompt :

./clunc -vi
waiting U-Boot...

U-Boot NetConsole

Marvell>> printenv
baudrate=1152targs) root=/dev/mtdblock0 rw ip=$(ipaddr):$(serverip)$(bootargs_end); bootm 0x400000;
bootcmd=if lump 2; then ; else run disk_disk; fi
boot_disk1=if disk ${kernel_addr} 0:A; then; else disk ${kernel_addr} 0:6; fi
disk_disk=ide reset; run boot_disk1; bootm ${kernel_addr};
bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/sda7 ro boardType=mv88F6082 productType=Aston reset=0

Environment size: 936/4092 bytes

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by Daan » Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:48 pm

This is the README:
which stands for
Client for LaCie U-Boot NetConsole
in other words
Client to connect on the NetConsole of the U-Boot which is customized by LaCie

How it works ?

CLUNC is a shell script which needs 2 components:
1) clunc-open which opens a session,
2) netcat (also called nc) which uses the session.

First, clunc-open broadcasts a magic packet (LUMP) in a loop.
When U-Boot receives a packet, it switches to the NetConsole mode.
A prompt is sent to clunc-open which stops sending LUMP.
It is now possible to send commands and receive answers via UDP.
Netcat is used to communicate with the NetConsole of U-Boot.

The network interface of the NAS must have an IP address which
is correctly routed on your network.
This address can be set via the LUMP with the option "-i".

The first LaCie NAS which is booting will be stopped by the LUMP.
It is possible to target a NAS by its MAC address with the option "-m".
Some NAS (or U-Boot versions) doesn't support this feature.

How to install ?

Download CLUNC with :
git clone git://

It includes a shell script named clunc which needs 2 components:
1) clunc-open is built by typing make.
2) netcat should be provided by your distribution.

If you want to move the script, you must move the tool clunc-open
in the same tree
or in a directory pointed by PATH.

How to use it ?

CLUNC must be launched before switching on the NAS.
It will wait until U-Boot is ready.

If an U-Boot is already in NetConsole mode, the session will be resumed.
Before resuming a session, CLUNC sends a break character (Ctrl+C) to U-Boot.
If a command was running, the break will abort it.

It can be used
as an interactive shell
or to send a batch of commands via the standard input

In case of batch commands, CLUNC will close itself after a inactivity time.
This timeout can be defined with option "-w". The default is 1 second.

clunc -i
clunc -i < uboot-commands
echo print | clunc -i
Pretty cool. With this tool you can get an u-boot prompt, as bbradley did, but without opening the NAS. From there, you can load a Linux kernel of your choice. At least, I think so.

For people that want to know a bit more about u-boot: ... ootloader/

Did you get another kernel running?

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by belese » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:09 pm

no, i can't boot another kernel for now.

i tryed to cross compil one

using this info : ... 18&t=15661
and ... &start=210

it compile (i have to use Codesourcery 2007q51 i think, i don't remembre, but the last of 2007), with other i have a segmentation fault.

i can tftp load a kernel with uboot and start it, but, and i don't know if it's possible, it seems yes, but don't work for me, i can't send kernel log message to the netconsole, i tried with the orignal kernel and my kernel, but i can't reveive log by netconsole.

I don't have a serial console, so i don't know why the kernel didn't boot.

The last log i have is started kernel...

And i see that uboot check if there is a kernel in sda10 (there are not in my case), and if not load kernel from sda6

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by langerak » Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:33 pm

As far as i know the NS is not supported in the current kernel release. It's based on Orion, but the machine itself is not being reckognized by the kernel (you can see that when crosscompiling the kernel using orion5x_defconfig, even the kirkwood does not support this board)

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by fvdw » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:00 pm

Last year we made a kernel patch for the lacie nwsp vs 1 and the philips spd8020 in the orion git. They both have this mainboard Marvell 88F6082 SoC

You can find my kernel patches (for linux here ... 18#p310918

Also more info you can find here ... 18&t=15661

The kernel runs smoothly on the nwsp vs 1

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Re: Clunc - U-boot net console

Post by langerak » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:02 pm

That's cool! I own this device as well :).

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