NAS doesn't show up after holidays

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NAS doesn't show up after holidays

Post by snakechaser » Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:08 pm


Just before the holidays I had this problem of a too big log. Webpage was barely accessible and stuff like that. After finally getting to the webpage I managed to clear the log and everything was fine again.
Shortly after we went away for our holidays. We disconnected the Lacie, stored it in the safe, and after the holidays reassembled everything.
However, it doesn't show up anymore. I've tried with two different ethernet cables in two different ports of the router. I've tried connecting it directly to the laptop but that didn't work either.
I cant see it via "Lacie Ethernet Agent", nor via "Lacie Network Assistant", nor via the default IP address before (, nor via the DCHP log of the router (the router doesn't "see" the lacie).

What should I do? A lot of data is important to me so formatting is not an option (yet). Should I disassemble the NAS and hook it up to my PC?

Any help will be really really much appreciated. I want to get my files again:D

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Re: NAS doesn't show up after holidays

Post by mattylad » Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:39 pm

Yes, disassemble & use a linux PC to get to the files.

Much better to copy them to something else.

THis drive is so problematic I have not tried fixing mine again, I'll get a MKV player instead.

That will leave 2 network store enclosure to go on ebay. :D
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Re: NAS doesn't show up after holidays

Post by edjepetje » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:43 am

try to reset it to the factory details.
I had the same problem, resetting to factory details fixed it. You will NOT loose your data while doing so.

Switch the drive off , wait till it has been switched off completey ( if not after 2 minutes, remove the powercord and reconnect)
Switch de drive on, and after approx 3 seconds , switch it off and directly on again. Blue light should flikker rapidly now and your are back to the original settings

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