LaCie NAS cross compiling

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LaCie NAS cross compiling

Post by qbic2005 » Tue May 24, 2011 4:25 pm

Hello guys & girls,

I was thinking about buying a plug pc to control my home automation (X10) and audio/video installation ... when I noticed that long forgotten usb port on my LaCie NAS (500G model). I met the root/telnet guide ages ago (the reason why I bought the LaCie probably) but since I had no use for it at that time I forgot about it.

Currently I have the root access working, that was easy enough thanks to the guide, doing something functional with it will be a bit more tricky ...

My plan?
[1] use any Webbrowser enabled device (smartphone/tablet/...) in house to control my lightning, which is X10 (cm15pro - usb interface) controlled, using the linux soft mochad.
mochad is mainly based on libusb-1.0 and some perl scripts
[2] more of the same using LIRC + webpages (as infrared remote) to control my audio/video devices
[3] my LaCie NAS serving as media server with Twonky as it comes out of the box

I'm a linux (gentoo) adopt since ... years and play around with code a lot longer.

However I never cross compiled anything (guess that is somehow needed to get this plan in the air), after doing some basic research on the subject I'm stuck with some questions.
- Every cross compile guide goes from somewhere to compiling the kernel, euh why should I want to compile the kernel again? I don't seem to need additional kernel modules for my plan. :|
- I know what compiling is, but how about setting up your environment, if I set up a basic toolchain, I'll need to compile every used lib in the correct version to eventually compile my program? (that will be a lot of work or am I missing the point)
- Is my plan even possible, or should I go back to the plug pc idea? (which is also ARM for that matter)

If anybody has a good link (guide or just general doc) for starting with cross compiling, more than welcome :!:

Thanks for reading and many thanks for answering 8-) 8-)

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Re: LaCie NAS cross compiling

Post by fvdw » Tue May 24, 2011 6:11 pm

Yes your plan is possible but it will take quite some effort. You could use the lacie itself as compiler for smaller program, that would avoid the need of cross compiling. It has not much memory but when you are patient it can compile almost everything. I compiled apache and php on it and many other programs. But it will take you a while to find all bits and pieces to make it work. I cannot remember anymore how I set it I just use it. Cross compiling is not straight forward even when you have the tool chain setup properly, many make files in packages can not be used or need dedicated changes when cross compiling.
In principle the Lacie could also be used to compile a kernel but that will take a long time and risks of running out of memory, cross compiling a kernel is rather easy when the system I use is standard supported by the the linux distribution and you when you have a proper toolchain. Unfortunate the Lacie nwsp vs 1 is not standard supported, but you are lucky I made with help of others a set of kernel patches and compiled a linux kernel for the lacie nwsp v1 (The lacie nwsp vs1 has the same hardware as the philips spd8020). See the post on the firmware modified for Phlips works on lacie. Its available for download on the forum

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