Starting a new project.. the internet space

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Starting a new project.. the internet space

Post by diffz » Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:19 am

Hi all,

I just bought a lacie internet space 1TB just to hack the thing. I allready got root access on it and cleaned the linux version on it a bit.
I'm looking for a way to replace the current linux distro with something like debian. Any got an idea how to exact bootloading process works?

As far as I can see the partition layout is as following.
Partition 1: EXT3 -> Root partition (3.1GB)
Partition 2: SWAP -> Swap partition (512MB)
Partition 3: EXT3 -> User Data (900+ GB)
Partition 4: Extended partition
Partition 5: ??? -> Unknown 8MB
Partition 6: ??? -> Unknown 16MB
Partition 7: EXT3 -> Partition containing bootup scripts and fallback ?

What I really want to know what partition 5 and 6 are used for and what the use of partition 7 is.
I recreate the system on a second disk to play with it without killing my working version. And i found out that I really needed partition 5 and 6.

Tonight I will create a new post with all the Info I have about the internet space and getting root access etc.

If people can help me how the lacie system works and how to get rid of it. I think the connection with the orange website for remote access is not nice. I want to change my internet space in a normal nas with extra stuff. PHP and Apache is already on the stock system but I want to add things like mysql. Considering the cpu in the system java would be nice too.

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Re: Starting a new project.. the internet space

Post by aledra1969 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:28 pm

I can't be of help.. but I noticed there are few posts about the internet space and I just bought one...that is not working like I'm expecting.
So I'd like to adapt it to my needs. I'd appreciate if you can share your findings in device customization. Did you have any backup of the partitions ? I'd like to compare with mine that looks like have only three partitions.

as last did you know if there's any mechanism to HW reset the Internet Space ?

I disassembled my internet space and it looks likes there's a TTL interface near the eth RJ that could be converted into a RS-232
From there I guess it will be possible to see the boot loader sequence


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