Dropbox problem on NSA210

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Dropbox problem on NSA210

Post by captainrhodes » Wed May 15, 2013 9:28 am

Up until recently Dropbox was working fine on my NSA210. Now it seems something has happened.
The Dropbox admin page on the Zyxel shows the following but no Dropbox account details.

Status Ready
Name N/A
Email N/A

If I click Logout the whole Zyxel box becomes unresponsive and I have to re-boot.
If I uncheck Enable Dropbox and apply I get the following reported in the logs:

2013-05-14 20:35:50 application info Enable Dropbox: FAIL
2013-05-14 20:35:26 application info Disable Dropbox: SUCCESS

Can anyone think of how I can re-sync my Dropbox? It appears that the Zyxel thinks that it's logged in to my Dropbox account but really isn't.
Is there a way of uninstalling the Dropbox app from the NSA210 and re-installing it?
I've tried uninstalling the Zyxel entry from the setting page of my Dropbox account.


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Re: Dropbox problem on NSA210

Post by DrNo » Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:33 am

The answer from czech support


problem is caused by a change in Dropbox API. Dropbox integrated in the NSA210 new API is not supported. Unfortunately by the manufacturer NSA is already a new version of firmware (dealing with change in Dropbox) plans.


Daniel Janeš
Technical Specialist
Czech version
Dobrý den,

problém je způsoben změnou API u služby Dropbox. Služba Dropbox integrovaná v NSA210 nové API nepodporuje. Bohužel ze strany výrobce NSA se již vydání nové verze firmware (řešící změnu v Dropboxu) neplánuje.

S pozdravem

Daniel Janeš
Technical Specialist

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