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Disk Configuration

Post by Nol » Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:42 pm

Hi everyone,

First of all sorry if my questions are already answered in another topic, I couldn't really find it.

So I got an MD-253 just before in a sale just before christmas and immediately - based on info found in this forum, updated it to the then latest MD-254 firmware - so far now problems.

My initial hopes to just drop in the drives and be up and running was a bit too optimistic and since I'd taken 2 1.5 Tb drives from my largest external disks it required quite a bit of reshuffling to get them empty. I figured in JBOD it'd be no problem to empty the one drive, insert it and then use it as a temporary space to be able to unload the other drive and add it. This seemed to work fine except when I added the 2nd drive it needed to reconsider the partitions and as it turned out I ended up with one big (clean!) partition. I was pretty pissed bc it cost me about a Tb of data and hours of moving stuff around between my laptop and various external drives. Now the data is mostly recoverable ... just dl it again so that's not the main issue. I do wonder what the point is of JBOD in this case if RAID0 will achieve the same ... [aside from the space limitation between non-identical drives]

So some time has gone by and I'm ready to spend some more time on it. Now I'm a total noob with regards to linux I manage to find my way around graphical interfaces think ubuntu/opensuse on my laptop but even that is still somewhat uncomfy, mostly used to windows. As for embedded systems I am blank. - but willing to learn.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible, and where I can find a step-by-step guide, to have a JBOD setup or some sort of setup that gives me 2 separate partitions. I could go RAID0 but I'd rather prevent losing all my data if one of the drives fails and given my budget limitations currently redundancy imho is not a necessary or productive use of storage capacity.

Alternatively I'd also be happy with one large partition comprised of both drives similar to what there is now but without losing the data on drive A if I were to take out or replace drive B.

I'd be interested in other stuff as well but for now this is the main issue - also if anyone can recommend or send me a good (e-)book on this embedded stuff - is it running busybox? that would be great.

Does anyone know about (torrent, transfer and other) performance with (external/usb) swapspace enabled, is there a big improvement? For now I'm also content using my laptop for the main downloads although it would be nice if the box were capable of taking that over.

Well thx in advance for any help/advice/time dedicated.


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