raid 1 and disk failures

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raid 1 and disk failures

Post by enrico » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:49 am

I setup the nas with two disks and raid 1 and did some tests,
mainly I simulated a failure by removing the second disk, reboot, see that the data was readable (it is OK),
then reinserting and rebooting, but now the data is ok but the second disk is "ready" but "removed"...?!?!
The button for rebuild the array is there but says "hd1 different size than hd2"...
so I understand that the second disk is not used now and I so where is the use of raid 1 ??

In case of failure of one disk I have to copy everything and format two disks!?!?
This is not what I expected and would mean that raid 1 is not working.
Can you help me to restart the use of second disk please?

I have also found here ... formation/
almost the same I did.


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