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Schedule tasks on MD-253

Post by jfbach » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:50 pm


I tried to change the initial rc.sysinit script to include my own "scheduled tasks" as it's detailed on other thread in this forum.
Then my surprise was that I can't use a "crontab" because Busybox 1.10 of MD-253 hasn't this command. Only crond.

I wanted to schedule a daily task to copy some folder (example Photos) from \home\PUBLIC\Photos to \home\Ext_HDD\Photos.

It's also useless because "cp" has no "-u" option (newer files). :x

So, anyone knows how can we schedule simple tasks on Md-253? (GUI or command line).

I know we can backup all but I'm really interested only on some folders. Now I've just 1 HDD but I know that when I'll install a second one to have RAID 1 I'll need to format my existing one (both). So at least I want to "preserve" my folder.


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