lost raid1 settings (1 disk was missing)

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lost raid1 settings (1 disk was missing)

Post by ffontana » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:46 pm


I was using 2x1Tb disc in RAID1 mode and I don´t know when and how it has been changed.

I've just checked disk settings (rarely I do it) and i've found one of the physical disc were missing and Raid Function was set to JBOD mode.
Everything seemed to be working properly, I didn't notice anything

I rebooted the NAS and now both disk are detected but Raid function continues in JBOD and the disk that was missing seems to be not formated (no size is shown).

May I return to RAID1 mode without loosing data? (or even to JBOD but using both disks)

I´m afraid if I click on "create" button something "terrible" may happen...


P.D. what is supossed to be done in case one disk crashes to recover data of the other disk (in RAID or JBOD mode)?.
Found nothing about this on the user manual or internet.

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