Activate external acces for nas2 networkspace

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Activate external acces for nas2 networkspace

Post by Homeboy1982 » Mon May 12, 2014 8:18 pm


Please excuse me if I wrote some errors.

I try to activate the external acces for my nas2, but I get allways the same errors :

1) by clicking check connection : error = your network space 2 isn't accessible trough the internet. Check port forwarding in advanced settings. transfert port 8080 to IP address.

2) by clicking advanced settings, automatic : error = the server for acces on distance can't be reached. Confirm that your Networks Space 2 gets acces to the internet. Check if necessary your DHCP, router and proxy-configuration.

In my router configuration I checked the LAN SERVERS en normaly port 8080 leads to the correct IP address.

Can anyone help me?


Good evening.

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