Network Space 2 Interface Issue

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Network Space 2 Interface Issue

Post by Bobbins » Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:50 pm

I have a network space 2 drive and recently run into an issue where the OS is just no longer responsive. It wont go into factory reset mode (pressing and holding the power button) and I can only get use of the web interface for about 10 mins before it locks up with this message:
The network assistant does pick the box up but again only for a small amount of time
What I can say is when it first boots up from being powered down it takes about 10 to 15 mins before the assistant sees it and its picked up again in My PC. This then allows me to use the drive as a network hard drive no problem, I can access the files and play them and copy them (which is what I did recently), the copied files had no corruption and worked fine. After around 10 mins or if I attempted to access it via lets say the XBOX to stream a movie off it, the box goes straight into a fast blue blinking light which Lacie says "Occurs as the device is booting and will cease once the drives are fully initialized "

The fast blinking light never stops it does that continually until I pull the power cord, This box has the push button not the toggle button so pressing the power button does nothing when the box is blinking away.

I tried the reset option of holding the button until it blinks red, well it never gets there, goes straight into a slow blinking blue light then seemingly boots up as normal so I'm not sure what's happening here either.

This is what I know about the drive.

Name:Lacie Network Space 2
Size: 2TB
Connection Method: Ethernet
Firmware Version:
Mode: MediaShare
Routed: No
In Warranty: No, Over 2yrs old

I have tried to view the logs on this device but this is all I get on the web interface when its working but there's nothing there
I did download the system logs but there's so many files, I looked at this file:


This shows services powering up and then reporting there up.

I did stumbled on one of the posts in this forum (viewtopic.php?f=236&t=4399) about a new firmware that fvdw made, however all the links I click just take me to a 403 forbidden page so I wasn't sure on this either.

however at this stage I just cannot get the drive to remain stable. I'm 98% sure this is not a hardware problem. I believe its down to the OS.

I cannot find a way to access this device long enough in order to do anything with it and I don't have the ability of removing the hard drive and placing into a new machine.

Any suggestions on what I can do here to identify what's causing it to crash out after 10 mins?


EDIT 08-06-2017

I can now access the plugout page, they have sorted it thanks guys

Just to add to the above, I can still ping the device and I attempted to connect via telnet which it accept but wouldn't let me log in as I don't know root password

EDIT 18-06-2017

just an update on this, I finally got round to trying to install the new firmware this weekend and now the device is completely in-responsive. Its been switched off since I posted this post originally I turned it back on Saturday afternoon and now as soon as it boots up it flashing red/blue indefinitely.

The manual to this device may as well be used as toilet paper as everything the manual says about this device is pure crap. according to the manual red/blue flashing is a back-up in process. Since this is not even enabled I know this is not true, the device also does not have the power button it says it should have so I cant even try to reset the device.

now that it flashes red/blue I can no longer ping the device it just gets very hot. Everything I have tried to access this device (Bash on windows and Normal Windows tools) nothing sees this box on the network.

I'm guessing this means its basically done for?? unless someone knows how to get round the red/blue flashing?
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Re: Network Space 2 Interface Issue

Post by Jocko » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:28 pm

Hi Bobbins

See your pm about plugout access

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Re: Network Space 2 Interface Issue

Post by Bobbins » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:15 pm

Jocko wrote:Hi Bobbins

See your pm about plugout access
seen and replied thank you :)

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