How to delete Zpilot list

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How to delete Zpilot list

Post by wirdy » Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:39 pm

Hi, newbie here.
Does anyone know the Zyxel software stores the list of Zpilot import jobs on a NAS 221?

I've had a list of hundreds of music files that I've wanted to remove from the list for about 2 years, the directory where they were is now deleted. it's made zpilot unuseable & it takes about 20 secs for each import job to show an error before i can click the 'remove' icon to take it off the list. 'clean-up' doesn't work either :(

For the hundreds of items on the import list, i'll be 75 yrs-old before i manage to delete them, one by one!!

I've looked for any folders within the zyxel directory that may be relevant without success; I've deleted and reinstalled the software, but the import list is still there!!.

There must be way of deleting the job queue in Zpilot without doing it item-by-item, surely?

Thanks. Any ideas?

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