[SOLVED] Custom Firmware 'fvdw' on Lacie D2 Network 2

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[SOLVED] Custom Firmware 'fvdw' on Lacie D2 Network 2

Post by musafirrlail » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:15 am


Good news from a newbie pentest with little device *D2N2*

First time I wanna appreciated to :

1. http://forum.nas-central.org
2. JOCKO & FVDW as my good guiders
3. Many more a kindly word

This time I have a new experience with D2N2, after such a long wait and try to be able to learn about steps installing this firmware, until finally Meet this forum so many things I can learn them in accordance with the above title.

Needless to say we open it directly on the link below :

https://links.connecteddata.com/uKe9tP3 ... N2.iso/wui

Hopefully, this thread can help anyone who needs it.

NOTE : This way I trials and has been Successfully & Worked

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