Unable to access d2 NAS

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Unable to access d2 NAS

Post by smaunsell » Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:31 am

I have come across what appears to be a 'd2 Network 2' device in our office. I need it for some basic testing and whatever is on it is not required. I say that it appears to be a d2 only because of it's physical appearance.....the back panel which would've had the model & serial numbers has been removed (why that info was on a removable part I don't know!!)

There are stickers on it saying that it was, at some stage, but I can't ping that.

The user manual says to reset it to factory the drive must be formatted. That's not a problem, I can do that, but it says to do this via the Dashboard but, as I can't get into the unit, I can't do that.

Plugging in via USB shows an 'External Big Disk network interface' under Device Manager (XPSP3) but nothing shows up as an accessible drive letter.

Lacie don't allow me to log a support request without having registered the device but that requires the serial number which I don't have.

Is is possible to default this unit so I can access it? If so, how? If not, I've got 2x 500GB drives for sale as they're useless without the NAS itself ;)

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Re: Unable to access d2 NAS

Post by Mijzelf » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:39 am

smaunsell wrote:If not, I've got 2x 500GB drives for sale
Then you have probably don't have a D2, as a D2 only has one disk. Maybe it's the Big Disk?

You might be able find the ip address by connecting the NAS directly to a PC, and power it up while running Wireshark.

You might be able to factory reset it using the button. When that doesn't work for you, you could manually reset it by deleting all files on sdb9.

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