Request for help in hacking NAS FT3563-BT

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Re: Request for help in hacking NAS FT3563-BT

Post by elbuit » Sat May 10, 2008 9:19 pm

mindbender wrote:ok whats next?

do you want a seperate forum section for this kind of devices?
I think what a separate forum for this devices are a good idea, but at this moment we don't have too users. Also, we can't confirm if these devices are compatibles.
Also, we have'nt a gpl firmware for testing.
Board of ns-348s, don't are the same (IC disposition are different). Same thing in coolmax 570, the board layout differs, but IC are the same.
I'm waiting for a serial cable to do more tests, and try to determine serial port (if this is possible).
I want try to boot from agestar firmware (using non invasive tftp boot), but at this moment I'm not sure if I'll be capable for this.

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