Where to download old official fw

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Where to download old official fw

Post by gibit » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:49 pm

Hello everybody,
i own a 2big Network v2 running 1.2.8 firmware , which is not responding in any way. The web interface is stuck on the loading page (tried many different browsers), and the shares are asking for login but when provided nothing's happening.
I tried to upgrade the firmware to the version available on the Lacie product page (2big Network 2 Update Capsule but upgrade fails since it needs at least version 1.3.3 already installed.

Now, the problem is from the Lacie page there isnt any other version available to download

Do you know if there is any archive where i can get older firmwares ?

I'm not asking for custom firmware cause i'm not even sure it's not an hardware problem, and i suppose it's better to try first an official release.
Anyway any suggestion is really welcome!

thanks a lot

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