Factory reset for unresponsive 2Big box

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Factory reset for unresponsive 2Big box

Post by muumu » Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:33 am

In order to perform "factory reset" for unresponsive box, following steps must be taken. This applies to situation where box is constantly blinking the blue light and cannot be controlled by any means.

Network v.2 Device isn't powering off
If a network v.2 device won't power off when the hard switch is moved to off and you need to perform a reset.
If you need to perform a factory reset on your device but are unable because the unit will not power off, please follow these steps.
Turn the power switch to OFF
Unplug the power for 30 seconds
Plug the power back into the device
Switch it ON for only 2 seconds, then switch it back to OFF
Once the light goes out, perform a standard reset
D2 Network v.2 - Page 60
2Big Network v.2 - Page 63
5big Network v.2 - Page 59

The Actual Factory reset

4.19.Reset to Factory
If for any reason you wish to reset your LaCie product to its out-ofthe-box state, follow this procedure:
CAUTION: Resetting the product will erase all Dashboard data
such as users, groups, shares, and settings.
CAUTION: After resetting to default, all files will be moved to a
folder called Recovery in Share and so by default will be available
only to the administrator.
1. Make sure the product is turned OFF.
2. Press and hold down the front button. Without releasing the
front button, turn the product on by pressing the power switch
on the rear of the product.
3. The product will start up and the front LED will blink in a blue/
red color.
4. When the front LED becomes solid red, release the front button.
(The LED should become solid red about 10 seconds after you
turn on the product.) The front LED will become static blue.
5. Press the front button once to confirm reset. If any of the steps
are omitted, the product will boot normally without resetting.

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Re: Factory reset for unresponsive 2Big box

Post by Arjen » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:38 am

About average twice a week I have that phenomena you described. The 2Big2 is not reachable and can't powered off by the switch.
Only I have to do is to set the power switch in the off position and pull out the power connector. Waiting about 10 seconds push back the power connector and switch on the power switch. Everything works after that fine. No need for a factory reset!
But I am still wondering why this happens. And of course interesting how to prevent this unpleasend breakdown.


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