iOmega 1TB Home Media shuts down after one minute.

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iOmega 1TB Home Media shuts down after one minute.

Post by crisprivate » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:21 pm

I have an iOmega 1TB Home Media Network Drive, type HMND2, that I cannot access anymore.
When power up, the white light goes on, blue light flashes a bit, and I have access to the drive for about one minute.
I can access it from Explorer in "My network places" and from "Lenovo EMC Storage Manager". I can see the drive, the directories and I can even copy/delete//edit the files.
But after one minute, the Explorer displays the error:
"\\iomegahd is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator....
The specified network name is no longer available."
and the Lenovo manager displays "The IOmegaHD device is currently unavailable"
The white light stays ON, together with the harddrive that still runs, but the blue light goes off and there is no noise for access to the hard drive.
The harddrive cannot be found anymore on the network.
Pressing the power button or the reset has no reaction. Only plugging out-and-in the power supply, gets it running for another minute.
I have tried the factory reset, open the case and change the battery and also tried to reinstall the firmware, which I managed to start, but there is not enough time to finish it in one minute.
Connecting directly to the computer or through the router it makes no difference.
Can someone please, help me fix this problem?
Thank you.

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Re: iOmega 1TB Home Media shuts down after one minute.

Post by Mijzelf » Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:16 am

According to the Wiki the situation that the white led is on and the blue one is off, is normal.

There is some nasty daemon which runs often (each minute?) which scans the ftp and media folders to change permissions and things like that. I wonder if that daemon triggers a hardware fault, which causes some panic.

Have you checked the disk for hardware errors? (Smart state)

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