HD Dead in MHNDHD changed but Blue/Orange lights, now all OK

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HD Dead in MHNDHD changed but Blue/Orange lights, now all OK

Post by Gezza7 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:02 pm

A year or so ago my 2010 vintage Iomega HMNHD decided to stop talking to me and as I wan't really using it for anything I just stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. Recently I needed a NAS, so instead of buying a new one I thought I'd just stick a disk in the old one and away i'd go....Boy was I wrong!

Maybe it's normal industry practice, maybe it's just a 'feature' of this Iomega device, but I then found out that the disk couldn't just be replaced, there is no flash memory on the device and all the firmware is on the dead disk itself???

Anyway, thanks to the very helpful people and posts (esp Mijzelf's) on this site and the Wiki:
http://iomega.nas-central.org/wiki/Inst ... a_new_disk_(Home_Media%29
i was able to install the required partitions on a PC using a Knoppix live DVD (works great).

Then the fun started...

No way was I able to see the disk on the network, all i got was flashing blue/orange lights.
I looked at my router logs and the disk was trying to get on with loads of DHCPOFFER (br0) and DHCPDISCOVER (br0) messages for the mac address (as per the disk replacement wiki) and a valid ip address.

I thought I must have messed up the partition creation or the firmware restore. So I thought what about trying to connect direct to a PC via crossover network cable? using instructions from the Lenove/iomega site https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Iomega-Des ... -p/1343997 (they are probably in the wiki here somewhere too) Did this to a laptop and was able to get onto the disk and get onto the 'Home Storage Manager' page. I was then able to update the current firmware (2.064) to the latest firmware (2.104) i had downloaded from the lenovo/iomega site. Thought great, that must have fixed it (hopes!) I then stuck the disk back on the network and the blue and orange disco lights started again!!!!

I then had a bit of an eureka moment. I stuck the disk back on the crossover cable to my laptop and looked at the rest of the settings on the disk Storage manager page. There was a 'reset to factory options' tab so i took that option and a 'date/time' tab. The disk had a date and time set back in 2009 so I changed these to todays date/time (i had to do each part one at a time as the page went to an invalid screen each time i updated, but the change i made stuck each time. When I was done I powered it down on the laptop and powered it up on the network and all was well.
Whether it was the 'factory reset' or the time being so far out of kilter I don't know, i'm just happy it's back from the dead. Regards, Gerry.

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Re: HD Dead in MHNDHD changed but Blue/Orange lights, now al

Post by Tmaxnpro » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:31 am

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