iomega home media network HD (partition table gone?)-h e l p

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Re: iomega home media network HD (partition table gone?)-h e

Post by Driminicus » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:37 pm

bogdanhh wrote:Driminicus: both ways - directly on SATA and with USB.
Alright, that sounds fine, thanks or clarifying.
bogdanhh wrote:In both cases the HDD is visible. It seems that the HDD is not damaged - it can also be seen in Windows & OS X with the possibility to format it. My goal is not to do that though :-)
while that is good news, it doesn't mean that the drive works properly.
bogdanhh wrote:So, I'm 99% sure that the HDD works. I do think that there is some strange encryption in place and this doesn't allow me to see the partitions on the hard drive.
Unless you did something very weird (I honestly don't know what) or you got a bitlocker virus (which you should have noticed on your windows pc) there is no way that's true. (even with an encryption virus that would encrypt the data in the samba shares, not any other parts of the drive)
If you really can't seem to find the partitions, that probably means there are errors on the drive either because the hard drive is breaking or because of some powerloss (as mijzelf said).
You could check out the S.M.A.R.T. data. That should give you some indication of the health of the drive.
bogdanhh wrote:I ordered a new Iomega - the plan is to put the HDD in the box, get the data out, format it, send the box back and format the HDD afterwards. I don't plan on using iomega products never ever again. I'll go for some cloud technology...
I'm quite unsure how that would help at all. Like I said, the Home Media Network Hard Drive from Iomega doesn't encrypt any data.

From what I've read I can't really figure out what is happening. Could you connect the drive to a linux pc and mount the data partition? Copy any errors, and then run dmesg | tail and copy whatever that gives you, that could give us a better idea of what is happening.

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Re: iomega home media network HD (partition table gone?)-h e

Post by bogdanhh » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:10 am


I decided to give the HDD to a recovery company - will let you know the outcome.


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