Upgrading Twonky (IX2-200 Cloud Ed) from 6.0.34 to 7.2.1?

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Upgrading Twonky (IX2-200 Cloud Ed) from 6.0.34 to 7.2.1?

Post by ambercap » Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:00 pm

Has anyone successfully upgraded Twonky on this NAS?

I know the OEM Twonky 6.0.34 does not require a license to run on this specific h/w (or has an embedded license) and I expect I will have to pay $20 for a license for 7.2.1, but if it works I guess it might be worth it.

Before I attempt the upgrade I'm wondering if anyone has already done this and if anything special needs to done (such as editing ini files or changing startup options)?

I assume I need the KirkWood build and I see the latest version is twonky-kirkwood-7.2.1.

I'm wondering if I can just stop Twonky, then launch the new version from my main storage partition (just to see if it works), or if I need to actually install it properly to /usr/local/twonky before it will run? If the latter then I guess it will be OK to do it like this:

Mount /boot/images/apps as r/w.
Move existing twonky directory to another partition as backup (and to free space for the new version).
Unzip new version to /tmp/apps/usr/local/twonky.
Unmount apps and reboot.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Upgrading Twonky (IX2-200 Cloud Ed) from 6.0.34 to 7.2.1

Post by Mijzelf » Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:13 pm

I have no idea about what twonky needs. But you can get twonky on that place more easy. Just put it somewhere on a share, and then bindmount the directory:

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mount -o bind /parth/to/twonky /usr/local/twonky

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