Getting Slow (Lost Connection)

StorCenter ix2-200 Network Storage
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Getting Slow (Lost Connection)

Post by evilgoblin » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:15 pm

i am owner of a StorCenter ix2-200 NAS for almost 3 Years.

6 Month Ago fail the Disk 2, i try to recovery the Disk but i failed, so i dont know what i do. But i LOST the RAID1, and start to working on Raid0

I start to make Backup from the Information (it is on Small Network with 10 PC) on all Pcs.

it work fine for 6 months but now start to work SLOW and with Lost Connection on the Folders.

When Disk 1 start to degreed i Replace it on Linux with New One do it dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=1M
i was thinking this can solve that problems, but still working badly. I try to reset all System putting CLEAN NEW DISK but dont work, 2 lights start to flashing.

So i read this NAS Storage use Linux System on the Head of the Disk, i use tutorial trying to install it.
But what ever i do, it running with flashing 2 lights.

The only i can do is copy all disk from old Disk to the New Disk.

But dont Work fine, the disk is Slow.
i think the operation System is damage.

the PING to the NAS never lost, so is not Network Problem. and always is <1MS.

What can i do, to start from ZERO with the NAS, like when i Buy it.

Can u help me to Format New Disk???

P.S: Sorry about my English, i am from Argentina.

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