Needs to rest between reboots?

StorCenter ix2-200 Network Storage
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Needs to rest between reboots?

Post by dansherman » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:13 pm

Here's a weird question for you.
My ix2-200 has been acting really weird for a long time. I'm putting the full backstory inside this code block to make it easier to skip.

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One of the drives in my ix2-200(2TB) died within the first month, so I have it replaced under warranty.  The new drive arrives, I plug it in, and poof, the device won't boot and I'm stuck with a flashing white light. I let it sit for a couple days, just in case it was rebuilding the RAID (it wasn't).
I started poking around, and realized that iomega had sent me a 500GB drive instead of a 1TB drive. I called and they said, yes, that could cause the device to fail. They sent out a new 1TB drive, but it didn't fix anything.
I tried several of the guides to fix it, but nothing worked.
I finally broke down and bought a USB TTL shifter and plugged it in, planning to install debian. Once I got the pins hooked up right, it booted straight to the marvell uboot prompt. I haven't finished the debian install yet, I still need to install the boot images.
Every time the device tries to reboot, either typing "reset" at the u-boot prompt, the debian installer finishing, or being unplugged, it has to sit for about an hour before it will work again. Before that, if I plug it in, there are no lights or anything. If I let it sit unplugged for that time, it will work.

Any thoughts?

I noticed some NAND CRC errors when booting, I'll copy them next time it boots up.

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