Where do I begin...?

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Where do I begin...?

Post by jhkoning » Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:22 am

Hi there,
My5Big Pro has decided to stop working.
Here, in as much detail as possible is the sorry story.
2 days ago the box was very slow transferring files, so I rebooted it. Since then, the big LED on the front blinks blue for ages, I'm talking 30+ minutes.
If it does finally settle to a solid blue - which it does from time to time - I can see the drive using the Network Assistant, but it can't see the disks, or volumes or whatever you want to call it.
At this point I should probably say I'm on Mac, 10.11.1 & yes, it has been working under the latest OS X for me.
I've just had to do the dreaded 'long push' to reboot the box again, & it's flashing blue quickly.
I do have the key etc, but before I do anything drastic(?) I thought I should post here, in case anyone can tell me what to do - nicely I hope.
I was running iTunes, Plex & Time Machine on it, plus I stored other files.
5x 2TB drives.
I can't say whether or not the drives all check out, as I'm still waiting (& waiting) for it to restart.
What I can say is when I visit http://lacie-5big-pro.local/ it asks me for my Mac address & then gives me two options. FTP or Restore (or similar), whereas previously it was my Dashboard.
I have tried both of those, & get a really unhelpful error on-screen.
I'm about to go & grab a VGA cable (who has one of those these days?) to see if I can see anything.
I have of course also contacted support, but have yet to receive a reply.
Here's a screenshot, I don't like the look of the highlighted area http://i.imgur.com/3H97olv.jpg
Anyway, obviously I have no backup of the files - I figured the chances of 2x drives dying at the same time would be minimal.
I never really thought I'd not be able to access ANY of them.
Can anyone point me in the right direction, give me any advice or things I should try.
I'd really like to get a decent nights sleep again.
Thanks for listening.

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Re: Where do I begin...?

Post by Mijzelf » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:21 am

You're a bit off-topic in this sub-forum. The 5Big Pro is a totally different beast than the 5Big v1.

Anyway, I think you have one or more dying/dead disks, or a failing motherboard.

Your screenshot shows an 'Event log' button. Does it show anything relevant?
Anyway, obviously I have no backup of the files - I figured the chances of 2x drives dying at the same time would be minimal.
You have 5 disks, probably from the same batch, who have shared all good&bad and power fluctuations. If one dies, what are the odds a 2nd is about to die? OK, you can handle 2 dead disks. But then you have a degraded,non-redundant array of 3 disks which statistically are also about to die.
Raid is never a replacement for backup.

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