5big Network V1 issue(s)

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5big Network V1 issue(s)

Post by nosmos » Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:42 pm

Hey folks,

So we have an issue with one of our Lacie 5big Network boxes here.

One is working fine, running version 2.2.8

The other is running 2.1.1, and under system / RAID - Disk Status it shows 1 as being broke, 3 (spare) as grey and the other 3 are clean. Unsure why, if 1 is broken, it is not failing over to the spare.

The lights on the back of the actual LaCie box show all solid blue. If i reboot the LaCie - all 5 show as working fine in the admin console for around 5 minutes - then it reverts to the above.

This is RAID 5.

Currently I am trying to update the firmware - thinking there may be a communication issue. There is nothing on the internet that I can find, that provides me with the backend update for 2.1.1 so i can update to any newer version. Nowhere! I realize they stopped supporting this software, but come on! This must exist somewhere.

I did stumble upon Plugout and the fvdw-sl console. I have browsed through this, installed the console and downloaded the appropriate rars for the 5big Network. I have yet to actually run any of this, though.

Any ideas why the box would show solid blue in the back, but the web console shows as disk 1 = red? Any idea where i can get the older backend update so i can actually update the firmware without going the Plugout route?

Much thanks!

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