Need disk image for Lacie 5big Network

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Need disk image for Lacie 5big Network

Post by JuIce » Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:54 pm


I was wondering if there was someone. Who could support me, with a disk/partitions image dump from a Lacie 5 big Network (Version 1)


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Re: Need disk image for Lacie 5big Network

Post by dumper » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:59 pm

Hi everyone.
I also need some disk data, but not the whole images, just the first 64 sectors (32KB) a Lacie 5Big Network 1.5TB hard drive.
If you have only the partition table, that would already be very helpful.
(I have the 7.5TB version - 5*1.5TB, upgraded to 2.2.8)
If you can provide the first 16MB of the disk, that would be great, but since I think it covers a bit of swap, I believe it might contain sensitive information.

Explaining the problem:
I tried to erase all my shares in my storage through the web interface, and an error came up.
I then had the unfortunate idea to take a shortcut around the error and erase the disks directly, straight through the SATA interface, and wrote 16MB of zeros at the beginning and at the end of all the five disks.
Upon turning on the device, I realized that the storage operating system was stored IN THE HARD DRIVES (red light blinking). Bummer.

I searched, to no avail. did have an alternate solution which is to use an USB drive for boot (this involves using a CLUNC console - a few minutes ago I was not even aware such a thing existed)
(thanks to rosbif for the links )

I tried booting the storage with a different (non-lacie) 1TB drive, using the images below, in hope I could use it to regenerate the other drives:
pkasperski wrote:So below is the link for the dumped partition table and partitions from a raid5 drive: ... 5.rar.html
BTW, partition8 has a CRC error, which is detected upon decompression.

Well, that did not work too (blinking blue light for 8 hours).

Before trying desperate measures such as replacing the OS entirely, I thought of asking for help here.
Please help. The procedure involves turning off a storage, disconnect a 1.5TB disk off of it (no need to remove the screws), connect it to a sata cable or an USB enclosure, read the partition table with something like "sudo fdisk -u -l /dev/sdb" (or sdc, or sdd, etc.) and post the output here. If you know how to read the first 32KiB or 16MiB, please do so and upload the file.

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Re: Need disk image for Lacie 5big Network

Post by eiremanoffrance » Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:16 pm


You can use the files provide by lacielm on the thread viewtopic.php?f=245&t=651&start=30
It's a easy way to get back your lacie 5bigNetwork back to work clean and fresh.
You just have to put this image ALL your 5 identical disk drive

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