NSA325 v2 Torrent disappears

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NSA325 v2 Torrent disappears

Post by TechnoViking85 » Thu May 07, 2015 7:16 am

I've searched the forums and couldn't find the same issue im having, so created a new topic.

Finally bought a NAS. Got the NSA325 v2, has been working like clockwork.
Only got 1 HDD so far, the WD RED 4TB.

It started with me trying to use the copy sync function.
I connected a external HDD and started copying all the files, saw the progress under "log".
But then it suddenly stopped, didn't sync or transfer all the files.
Did about 75% of the storage. That's not really a big problem for me since I can transfer the rest through the network.
Is that a problem that others also have?

The main issue is torrent files. I added a bunch of them and added a schedule of when the download service should be active.
Worked great for a couple of days, even if the % of torrents where scattered. 2% 56% 78% and so forth on different torrents.
Im aware of the priority setting, started using it. But here's the problem, don't know if it's related to using the "priority".
Lately the torrent files have disappeared from the "active" tab, usually when they are finished they are transfered to "finished".
Haven't had any torrents placed in the "error" tab.
I can see the folder and file in the NAS, I can start the file but after a short while it stops, since the download isn't finished.
I can't add the torrent again, even if it's already in the torrent folder, I could rename it, but then It won't resume, just create a new folder and file.
It won't finish the download.

Is there a tab I don't know about, is it normal that sometimes the torrent disappears completely from the "download service" tab?
Is it still downloading it in the background somehow, without showing the % under "Active torrents"?

Hopefully I've made my case and you guys understand my problem, if you need any more information im happy to oblige.

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