NSA 310 issue: CPU 100% for a week now

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NSA 310 issue: CPU 100% for a week now

Post by nmliz » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:53 pm


I have been using an NSA 310 for a couple of years now with no problems. I believe I recall upgrading the firmware about a week ago--it is 4.70(AFK.3)--although it seems to me that it has been running 4.70 for a long time.

Now the CPU has been at 100% for a week, and I am unable to access the shares from my PC (Win 7). I can access the admin page.

The HDD is fairly full (90%, or 2.41 Tb of 2.69 Tb total), but there are still 280 Gb free. SMART status is fine. Zyxel memory is only at 56%. I have tried restarting, with no change.

Could it be regenerating all the thumbs? Why? Could it really take a week?

Is there a way to roll back the firmware, or do I have to go all the way back to a hard reset?

Relative novice here, so please be kind.


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Re: NSA 310 issue: CPU 100% for a week now

Post by Aguirre » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:37 pm

If you go to the admin status display you will see the CPU usage, temperature, etc. displayed. Right next to the "CPU Usage" there is a green arrow and list icon. Click on that and it will pop up an information window with a list of that is running. Check out what is the top process on the list. I am sure that will be a start to figuring out what is happening.

Are you running Twonky for media? it may be re-indexing all your photo/video/music collection.

If you "Shutdown" and reboot does it still report high CPU?

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