FFP 0.7 arm - Python Segmentation fault

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Re: FFP 0.7 arm - Python Segmentation fault

Post by normsland » Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:22 am

barmalej2 wrote:
Could take me a weekend to get everything configured and working again :shock:
With new slapt-get package manager it will be much easier and faster.
For example installing serviio after fresh install:
slapt-get -u # Updates cache
slapt-get --upgrade # Upgrades core packages
slapt-get -i serviio # Installs serviio with all required dependencies.
oraclejava install # Oracle java install helper script-downloads, configures and installs java automatically. It can upgrade as well.
sh /ffp/start/serviio.sh start #Obvious
That's it. Fast and quick. I am still polishing, adapting, correcting minor mistakes in packages in my repo. slapt-get and repository will be fully ready to proceed very soon.
Thanks barmalej2. Managed to get my stick rebuilt in ~3hrs using slapt-get (although spent around 1hr fixing one of my python scripts). Nice not having to worry about as many dependencies.

SickRage works fine now without any intervention. Although I've now moved on to SickGear. Had enough of SR lack of stability and change for change sake without any real improvements in functionality (apart from eating more RAM and cpu). SickGear seems pretty nice and smaller memory footprint too. With all these SickBeard/Rage forks that add confusion found this Sick* history diagram to guide me through... :)

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Re: FFP 0.7 arm - Python Segmentation fault

Post by barmalej2 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:38 pm

Yea, Sickgear looks like decent replacement of Sickbeard or Sickrage, having focus on stability.
BTW. Maybe you noticed or maybe not, there is a meta-package called ffp-builtools. It will install all necessary packages, required for configuring and building source for FFP.

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