NSA310 Squeezecenter

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NSA310 Squeezecenter

Post by dickzyxel » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:14 pm

Hopefully someone can help me with the following issue:
My NSA310 using SqueezeCenter started to give problems (slow connection etc.) and last week the External Power supply suddenly was dead. After replacement the NSA310 works fine again (I can reach the files and web page) but I cannot activate SqueezeCenter anymore. Even a new Firmware (manually, version 4.70 AFK3) that was succesfully installed did not solve the issue. In Administration/Media Server/
I have ticked SqueezeCenter but the ''9000'' management page is not there. Internet cache was cleared as Zyxel suggests.

In the admin directory I can find:

so that seems OK to me.

The Application Zone shows also SQL and SqueezeCenter. I cannot find a way to re-install SqueezeCenter ans SQL.

Many thanks for suggestions!

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