Plex Server Question

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Plex Server Question

Post by jamjar » Tue May 30, 2017 9:29 pm

Hi All!

I have followed the instructions found on this forum to install Plex Server on my NSA325. I've configured m media library and the scan has completed. I then added Plex client to my Android TV, whenever I try to play a file though I get a connection error. I then turned direct stream off in the client app on the tv and a few movies I tried I was able to play. I installed a Plex app on my linux satellite box and that was able to play files perfectly (they buffer before starting to play). In Chrome when I browser to the Plex admin if I click to play a movie I was getting a message "There was a problem playing this item." - until I enable "Hardware-accelerated video decode" under chrome://flags/

So it seems that the server is working correctly, is the inability to play media on my Android TV app a limitations of the TV and or its app?

Thanks in advance.


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