Unable to add user 'admin'

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Unable to add user 'admin'

Post by micrinho » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new on ix4-200d, get this glitch when I'm try to configure the iomega device: Unable to add user 'admin'.

I tried follow this post: viewtopic.php?p=17761.

But I guess this is about the software glitch and not fimware. :?:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot


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Re: Unable to add user 'admin'

Post by dice81 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:35 pm

First time posting, just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences.
After some hours of working on this I finally got mine up and running.

First off if you are getting an error like this it is because you have missing or corrupt files in /mnt/soho_storage/config

All these files have to be created for things to work. Focus on the ones in /mnt/soho_storage/config.

Code: Select all

	<Flash _File_="/etc/sohoFlash.xml"/>
	<Security _File_="/etc/sohoSecurity.xml"/>
	<Mirror _File_="/etc/sohoMirror.xml" _Mirror_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoMirror.xml"/>
	<Disk _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoDisk.xml"/>
	<Remote _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/raConfig.xml"/>
	<Browser _File_="/usr/local/cfg/Browser.xml"/>
	<Shares _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoShares.xml"/>
	<AD _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoAD.xml"/>
	<Groups _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoGroups.xml"/>
	<RAM _File_="/tmp/sohoRAM.xml"/>
	<Alerts _File_="/usr/local/cfg/Alerts.xml"/>
	<RDOnly _File_="/usr/local/cfg/RDOnly.xml"/>
	<DriveConfig _File_="/usr/local/cfg/sohoDriveConfig.xml"/>
	<DriveConfigBFD _File_="/usr/local/cfg/sohoDriveConfigBFD.xml"/>
	<Colors _File_="/usr/local/cfg/Colors.xml"/>
	<Branding _File_="/oem/Branding.xml"/>
	<Schedule _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoAppSchedule.xml"/>
	<ProcSchedule _File_="/tmp/sohoSchedule.xml" _Mirror_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoScheduleMirror.xml"/>
	<Account _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoAccount.xml"/>
	<Video _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoVS.xml"/>
	<RemoteAccess _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/raConfig.xml"/>
	<Download _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/sohoDownload.xml"/>
	<RSA _File_="/usr/local/cfg/rsaConfig.xml"/>
	<cfgCapture _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/configCapture.xml"/>
	<cfgReplay _File_="/mnt/soho_storage/config/configReplay.xml"/>
You dont have ssh or sftp? Well when you are working on the setupname.html page click apply and let it think... open another tab on your browser and type https://ipaddress/supportaccess.html and click Allow remote access for support (SSH and SFTP) click apply.

You may need to do the steps above multiple times and even reboot the device but it should work.

Once you have ssh use WinSCP and login with user: root pass: soho

Go to /mnt/soho_storage/config and look for any files that may be missing.
also make sure /etc/sohoSecurity.xml is there.

Create blank files that are missing.

Then run the setup again and it should work.

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