How to recover your iomega ix4-200d from boot loop

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How to recover your iomega ix4-200d from boot loop

Post by xerox4thew1n » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:16 am

How to recover your IOMega ix4-200d from boot loop and even upgrade successfuly to the cloud edition.

You can use this guide to recover your IOMega ix4-200d. If you want to upgrade to the cloud edition you can take the recovery Files of the cloud Edition and just follow this guide.
It will also work with the normal edition, just follow this guide!

What you need:
- USB to TTL converter PL2303
- Putty
- Recovery Files (download from Lenovo)
- USB Stick
- Ethernet cable
- Soldering iron and solder

Dont forget to install the drivers for the PL2303 (google for them, Windows 8 , 8.1 and 10 NOT SUPPORTED)

Step 1: Prepare your USB-Stick, copy the emctools folder from the recovery archive on the stick

Step 2: Remove the case of the iomega ix4-200d and connect the USB-Stick to one of the rear USb Slots. U should have only one hdd drive in the iomega, remove the rest

Step 3: Connect the ethernet cable to the iomega ix4-200d and the pc (it must be a direct connection, there should be no router or switch in between)

Step 4: Prepare the pc, go to the adapter settings and set a fixed ip ( Disable any firewall (Windows firewall)

Step 5: Extract the ix4-200d.tgz from the recovery to the desktop ( we need the files: zImage, zImage.md5, initrd, initrd.md5)

Step 6: Copy the TFTPD32.exe to the Desktop (same location like the files from the recovery (Step 5))

Step 7: Run the TFTPD32.exe as administrator

Step 8: Insert the usb to ttl adapter into the pc, Run Putty and go to "Serial". Set the settings to : Speed (baud) = 115200, Data bits: 8, Stop bits: 1, Parity: None, Flow control: XON/XOFF or None and choose the right com port.

Step 9: Now the fun begins: U need to solder the right wires to the board of the ix4-200d. You see in the upper right corner of the board a unpopulated 10 pin header with the bottom right corner marked. The bottom right corner is the TxD, diagonal to that is the RxD.
It is easy to find on the board, and one corner is marked. You will see what i means when u see the unpopulated pin header ;)

You can attach the GnD wire to the case of the ix4-200d

Step 10: When you have finished with the wirering you can open the session in Putty and power on the iomega.

Step 11: You should see some text in the console of Putty, if not than you have connected the wires wrong.

Step 12: At some point there is the Text: "Press any key to stop autoboot" , press any key than ;)

Step 13: Now we have to do some comands, type them one by one:

setenv initrd_size 0x2f0000
tftpboot 0x2000000 zImage
tftpboot 0x12000000 initrd
nand erase 0x2d4000 0x2f000
nand erase 0xb0000 0x224000
nand write.e 0x12000000 0x2d4000 0x2f0000
nand write.e 0x2000000 0x0b0000 0x224000

Now it will reboot and start to flash the files from the usb to the hdd. Leave the wires connected. You should see on the display of the iomega a progress bar.
After it has finished, press the power button on the iomega and wait till it powered off (takes a while).

Start it again and dont panic. It starts the bootloop again :)
Now in the putty session, interupt the Autoreboot with any key and type the following comands:

tftpboot 0x12000000 initrd
nand erase 0x2d4000 0x2f0000
nand write.e 0x12000000 0x2d4000 0x2f0000

Now it should work nicely. You can power off and on the iomega and it will boot.
The same way you can upgrade to cloud edition.

Congrats you, made it ;)

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Re: How to recover your iomega ix4-200d from boot loop

Post by doug80638 » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:43 am

This has been covered many times already.

You might find the following link easier to follow and understand.



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