ix4-200d Fast Writing / Slow Reading

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ix4-200d Fast Writing / Slow Reading

Post by deeptheater » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:56 am

after solving my Lacie 2big NAS issue, i'm back with something on this model (latest firmware
I'm working with a raid 1 config of 2x1TB hdds.
Issue is simple: when it comes to writing into the nas, speed is average 30MB/s, while when i'm extract the same file to is former device, it goes at 1MB or less, which is a pain in the ass.
Also, it recognise a usb pen drive, but not an external hdd. this is less important atm btw.
I already disabled all services not necessary.
Any advice?

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Re: ix4-200d Fast Writing / Slow Reading

Post by Mijzelf » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:59 am

I'd suspect the network. Cable, Nic or switch.

On an ix4-200d you should be able to get shell access,
Old firmware:
Go to https://<ip-of-nas>/manage.html and login as admin
Then go to https://<ip-of-nas>/diagnostics.html and enable ssh. Maybe this doesn't work, then go to https://<ip-of-nas>/support.html .
The password for root is soho<admin password>

New firmware:
Go to https://<ip-of-nas>/ and login as admin
Then go to https://<ip-of-nas>/manage/diagnostics.html and enable ssh. Enter a password for root. Possibly you'll have to add a 'soho' prefix (without quotes) when actually logging in.

When logged in over ssh you can use dmesg to see if there are hardware problems, and dd to do speed measurements on the disk, to exclude a level.

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