Exchange2010 backup failed to Iomega Storcenter

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Exchange2010 backup failed to Iomega Storcenter

Post by Pietkrediet » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:49 am

Hi All,

Have a problem with my backup to my Iomega NAS (Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d / Backup fails with error: Failed: "The version does not support this version of the file format"
I fixed this problem by editting the "strict allocate" value to = yes in smb.conf located in /etc/samba/ (global section)

When editted in the above value the backup runs fine, till I reboot the NAS. The smb.conf has been reset by the system. The "strict allocate" value changed to = no

So I just restart the services: "/etc/init.d/samba restart"

Now my backup runs fine for a few days, but from one day to another the conf file will be reset by the system without rebooting.

How can I prevent the smb.conf from being editted by the system? It's driving me crazy! :?

All help is really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Kind regards!!

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