Low voltage

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Low voltage

Post by tikoti » Thu May 16, 2013 7:09 am

Hi all!

I have the following Iomega device:
Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d

Tonight I have received an email with the following message
Voltage 'V3.3' is '1.73 V', which is lower than the recommended minimum of '3.13 V'.

I have checked in "view hardware status" and the voltage seems to be back to normal

Should I worry?
What should I do?

If it carries on happening should I replace the whole device?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Low voltage

Post by felliBerlin » Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:54 pm

Hi tikoti,

i had have the same problem with one of me two devices.

In my case it was a problem with the power supply.

A steady workaround is to use a ups previous to the power supply, so all problems are gone.

hope this will help,

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