LG N2R1DD1 upgrade to use 2 2T drives

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LG N2R1DD1 upgrade to use 2 2T drives

Post by Abovedmc » Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:31 pm

I am trying to help a friend update his LG N2R1DD1 NAS which has a full 1 T drive installed. I am very frustrated at this point. I have an extra 1T drive I have attached to my Win 7 machine and have tried to back up the Nas drive using FTP. I can access the box but can't seem to get all the data off the Nas drive. This makes me very nervous about losing the data from the friends NAS. Two questions:

1. What is my best method to protect the data before doing a firmware update to try to get the machine to use 2 2T drives? One thought was to put my extra 1T drive in the NAS and create a mirror. That way as I understand it I would have two drives with the same data on them.

2. I think I would then keep one of the drives in the NAS and then upgrade the firmware to 2450 which is supposed to allow recognition of 2T drives. I know the drive in the box will then be erased and initialized when rebooting leaving me with a blank disk. Would I then remove that drive and replace it with a 2T drive to see if that will boot?

Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.

I have some knowledge of using the Linux command line, but don't have a deep knowledge of what commands I might use to work with the NAS.

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