LGN21RD - no .bin file visible

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LGN21RD - no .bin file visible

Post by CanAmSteve » Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:50 am

I've an old LG N21RD NAS that is working fine and connecting to OS-X Yosemite. However, after having to spend quite some time upgrading another NAS to get it to work, I thought I should check for a firmware update for the LG.

I've run into the following issues, which may be simple oversights on my part, so please assume I know nothing

My current firmware is V1.0 0-2376 (so six or so versions old)

>When I try and download a newer version from <http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-N2R1D#> I get a .zip file, which expands to a folder and .tar.gz file, which itself expands to additional files. But none are a .bin file as the upgrade process requires. Where is the .bin file? (my Mac is set to display .dot filenames)

>There is an "update tool" which shows as being OS-X compatible. I see only PC (.exe) files when I download it. I assume there is no OS-X tool?

>It appears firmware upgrades erase the drives???? (I can't quite understand this, as the firmware is for the enclosure OS - and should have nothing to do with stored data). I suppose it couldn't be as simple as pull the drives (RAID 1), shove in a couple of blank ones, upgrade the firmware and plug the old drives back in, could it? No doubt they would then not be recognised.

I suspect the answer is going to be "use a PC to upgrade" and yes the drives get reformatted. Which means time for a more OS-X-friendly NAS enclosure, I think. Thanks!

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