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NAS Choice

Post by oshb5ems » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:29 pm

Hello All

Im looking for a NAS to go with my system. Im mainly looking for it to be able to store my media files that will be watched using a Roku streaming media player Via PLEX channel over WiFi?
I would like it to be Gigabit Ethernet connection to the router. and have additional USB connection for accessories.
FTP server (but most have these in as standard dont they?
Are there makes to stay clear of, Or any that stand out as good?

As for format and size I would like at least at least one with double bays possibly more then populate it with possibly 2 drives say 2Tb ones Then if I did have more bays populate at a later date? With regards to drives are the WD Red Drives worth the extra price you have to pay for them?

Finally any suggestions or recommendation you could give I would be extremely gratefully

thanks Osh

P.S. (its in the right section only as I have no make in mindthought it best in here then Mod could move if need be? Thanks)

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Re: NAS Choice

Post by Mijzelf » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:25 am

This boils down to 'I want a 2+ bay Nas which can run Plex', right?

Well, the list of vendors officially supported by Plex is short. Here you can find them (click on NAS).
A very important question is here: do you need/want transcoding or not? If you need it, you'll need an Intel based NAS, which is significantly more expensive than an Arm NAS.

If you don't need transcoding, and you are not afraid for some hacking, the ZyXEL NSA325 is a good choice. It's an absolute bargain at the moment, about 80 euro's for dual bay, 1.6GHz Arm, 512MB ram and USB3. And it can run Plex, with some effort.

If you are afraid for some hacking, you're on one of the vendors on the site. Personally I have no experience with any of them. Synology seems to have a very good after-sales, while Netgear is the most affordable.
PLEX channel over WiFi?
It's hard to say if that will work. Wifi is not predictable, nor reliable. It can work for you, but it might also give a stuttering result, depending on
  • The number of neighbours using Wifi
  • The number of wifi devices in your network, and their bandwidth usage
  • The distance between the access point and the media player
  • The number of walls/floors in between
  • The presence of other devices which (mis)use the 2.4GHz band (Microwaves!)
  • ...
If you can't stream from your PC to the media player over Wifi, the NAS can't either.
With regards to drives are the WD Red Drives worth the extra price you have to pay for them?
The only difference between a Red and a Green is the firmware, and the Warranty. The Warranty is normally useless, as the data is much more valuable than the disk itself. But only the disk itself is replaced, eventually.
The firmware of the Red supports TLER, while the Green doesn't. But that is only important for hardware Raid, which is not used in any NAS I'm aware of.
Some Greens spin down quickly, which can shorten it's life, but there is a fix for.

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